It has been alleged that there are several students here at Collins Hill High School who are not yet members of our Mock Trial Team and further alleged that they should be coming to our meetings and getting involved.

"I object to that allegation, you Honor. Surely it is hearsay! No student would intentionally ignore such a great opportunity to use their drama, speech, and other personal skills would they? Surely not!"

"If it pleases the court, I would like enter the following information into evidence in support of my case."

Mock Trial is a club for students interested in acting or pursuing a career in law. Or, for those students who enjoy public speaking and using critical thinking skills. You are given the facts of a case and you act as either witnesses or attorney to represent your side.

Initially, Dr. Byous will work with you, but attorneys from the community will also work with you and teach you how to conduct trials, ask questiions, be a witness, etc.

Time Commitment:

In the fall we meet once a week in the early evening for one hour. There are two months of intensive preparation through January and February. Competition is usually the last weekend of February on Friday night and Saturday morning. Every school will receive the case on December 1. The meetings in the spring semester will be held at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center. These meetings last two hours.


Any student who will be 14 at the time of competition may join. There are six positions for attorneys and six positions for witnesses. Additionally, two time keepers are needed. These positions will be auditioned for in December. The team also needs understudies because every year there has been a need to replace a regular team member because of illness, lack of practice time, etc.


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